6 Websites Like FingerHut in 2021 – Buy Now Pay Later

6 Websites Like FingerHut in 2021 – Buy Now Pay Later

Name a person who does not like to shop. Everyone loves shopping, and sometimes we have to kill our desire to buy something that we love so desperately just because we don’t have the money right now. Upfront payments can sometimes feel a bit heavy on the pocket for which sites like Fingerhut are available to meet your appetite. The only effort you have to do is request a line of credit filling out all of your personal information. This is the important part that your line of credit should not exceed and you will be charged applicable interest rates if you miss a payment on the EMI.

These websites are very useful when you are skeptical about using your credit card, when you have a bad credit rating, or when you have none at all. The next thing in the discussion is the product of your choice. What if it’s not available on Fingerhut? Here we are distributing a few credit e-commerce websites that operate on the same principle which is “Buy Now.” Pay later. ‘

1. Gettington


Ranging from clothing to electronics, beauty to home decor, Gettington is the place for all your needs. The website has smooth navigation and an easy to use user interface with a range of categories to choose from. Like Fingerhut, this website also allows users to qualify for a line of credit by signing up with a few easy steps. Gettington is home to a series of brands like Michael Kors, Adidas, Ray-Ban, KitchenAid, etc. and offers free shipping on all products. If you are a shopping fanatic, register here as it continues to get big discounts on many products. For your information, the site charges $ 0.50 as an interest charge as a minimum amount. Also, you will have to pay up to $ 38 late fee in case you don’t pay the deposit on time.

2. The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel

One of the best alternatives to Fingerhut, The Shopping Channel has over 23,000 products. Buyers can pay later using the credit option available to them under their line of credit. If you are looking to purchase items such as shoes, kitchenware, fitness products, or jewelry, TSC is the right choice. Users can hover over the website due to its organized interface and categorization. The website also offers a TSC credit card. If your request for this card is approved, you will receive monthly specials, free shipping, and a detailed statement. Get 20% off your next purchase from this website if you get your VIP credit card soon.

3. FlexShopper


With over 85,000 products to choose from, FlexShopper is the right antidote for your electronic gadget fever. The unorganized layout and interface sometimes has issues, but FlexShopper is surely worth your attention. Being a great setback to FingerHut, this website allows you to select products from an assortment of categories. In addition to providing products such as toys, cameras, home appliances, mobile phones and gadgets, the website has also been awarded for its incredible customer support and the importance of stainless steel in the market. It is an ideal space for all your high-end electronics desires. All you have to do is fill out their online credit application form which can provide you with a limit of up to $ 2,500.

4. LendYou


It’s all in the name. Lend you. It’s one of a kind. You don’t need to pay at the time of your purchase. Completely different from Fingerhut, it allows you to connect with lenders who offer you loans so you can make online payments for your bills and purchases. You can apply for a loan according to your needs, but usually people get their loan up to $ 1000 approved in an instant. Since this money is available to be used however you want, you’re not limited to a few websites. You can use it anywhere, whether it’s an invoice or online payment for your favorite shoes or dress.

5. HSN


Home sales network. Cool. Is not it? HSN is one of the best-known choices among people who like to shop on credit online. Shoes, clothing, beauty, cooking, food, crafts, fitness, electronics, travel and anything else you can buy on HSN. To benefit from the offers and shop online, you must submit an online request filling in all the necessary information. Once your application is approved, you will receive an HSN credit card. Special offers, an easy return process, and zero annual fees are what you get when you become a member of this network. Avoid missing your payments because this site charges $ 1 in interest charges. Keep your contributions paid on time and avoid paying unnecessary fees.

6. StoneBerry


Like all other credit e-commerce platforms, StoneBerry is also one of the organized places where you can “buy now, pay later”. Kind of a treat for people looking for electronics, StoneBerry has an assortment of TVs, video games, camera accessories, cell phones and more. Moreover, you can also buy products in categories like furniture, jewelry, clothing, sports, toys and gifts. If you select StoneBerry Credit Card as your payment method when paying for an order, you may have the chance to pay a monthly payment as low as $ 5.99. The best part is that you just have to check with your order without filling out any forms. Continue to track your order from time to time to see if it is approved.

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