Our Beloved Summer Kdrama: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, And Everything You Should Know

SBS’s new show featuring Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da-Mi has shared another trailer. What’s more, the crowd is as of now eager to find out about the forthcoming dramatization. The lighthearted comedy has shared several scraps to energize the watchers, and fortunately, the consideration has been overpowering. Charm Shik and Da-Mi are playing secondary school darlings who had a chaotic separation. In any case, predetermination unites them following ten years to get to know one another. Will they become hopelessly enamored once more? We will get to know concerning that later. Above all, how about we share the delivery date, cast, and trailer for “Our Beloved Summer” Kdrama.

Our Beloved Summer is an impending South Korean dramatization from the SBS link organization. The romantic comedy dramatization will follow the muddled sensation of two past sweethearts who separated, saying, “It was a terrible time with you, we should never meet again.” But, destiny has various designs for the ex-darlings. The narrative they recorded together unexpectedly began getting well known following ten years. Also, the two are compelled to cooperate.

In the recently delivered trailer, we observe Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik going about as a turbulent couple, as they contend to and fro while meeting for their narrative. The two likewise swore never to see each other again. SBS gave new understanding into their romantic tale through Our Beloved Summer’s new trailer.

Our Beloved Summer Release Date and Broadcast Schedule

Our Beloved Summer is delivered on December 6, 2021, at 10:00 PM KST. The dramatization will drop new scenes each Monday and Tuesday on its unique organization and by means of SBS link in South Korea. At this point, there are no choices for worldwide fans to stream it on the web. Be that as it may, we will try to drop ways of watching the show for everybody living external the Kdrama country. Like the other Kdramas, Our Beloved Summer will likewise have 16 scenes in all out that will run for 70-75 minutes each.

The primary content perusing for the Kdrama occurred a little while prior. Furthermore, it was gone to by the total cast and group. In this way, how about we meet the cast of Our Beloved Summer Kdrama before it begins circulating.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Cast

Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da-Mi are taking on the main jobs. The two will play Choi Woong and Gook Yeon Soo, separately. From the start, Woong appears to be an experienced individual, yet he turns out to be exceptionally genuine once his heartlands after something. Then again, Gook Yeon Soo consistently needed to be the no.1 in school. In any case, following ten years, she is attempting to carry on with life wildly with an injury in her heart.

Our Beloved Summer

Kim Sung Chul will assume the job of Kim Ji Woong, a narrative chief who likes to notice things throughout everyday life. He needs to remain detached and imagines that he identifies with those chiefs who stay behind the camera. Be that as it may, his point of view changes a little when he chooses to make a narrative on Woong and Yeon-Soo’s life.

Roh Jeong Eui will play the top icon, NJ. NJ has acquired acclaim and prominence from across the world. Yet, when she begins to carry on with her life as a normal individual once more, she’ll get intrigued by Choi Woong’s work. Her inquisitively will make her ke

Our Beloved Summer new trailer starts with Woong and Yeon-Soo being a couple in their secondary school days as they share delightful minutes as a team. In the mean time, they likewise squabble and battle while tossing things at one another. We observe Woong yelling, “For what reason do we need to separate,” while Yeon-soo leaves in the following scene.

Afterward, in right now, the two exes meet again at a party, and Yeon-Soo describes, “Woong has been fruitful.” On the other hand, Yeon-Soo is battling at her working environment. The two get apprehensive while being around one another. Yet, toward the finish of the trailer, we observe Yeon-Soo arriving at Woong’s home as she says, “I didn’t think we’d at any point be involved once more.”

watch the total trailer down underneath:


en on Woong, and there could be plausible of a circle of drama.

Park Jin Joo and Jeon Hye Won will likewise star in the show.

Our Beloved Summer Trailer

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